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Packed into Lprint sustainable pouches, your product will look good, stay good and make your clients feel good for bringing it home.

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What’s in it for you? 

No more stockpiling (order size from 500 pouches)
Quick delivery time (3-4 weeks)
High quality digital printing
Sustainable materials that keep product‘s shelf time the same
Save time when ordering through a convenient ordering system
BRC certified production facility

We offer the option of ordering packaging in smaller quantities, which can be a great advantage for businesses that don’t need to stockpile large amounts of packaging. By ordering smaller quantities, businesses can reduce their inventory costs and required storage space, freeing up valuable resources for other purposes. Additionally, ordering smaller quantities of packaging can help reduce the risk of throwing away packaging that has changes in the artwork or other design elements. This is because smaller quantities can be ordered more frequently, allowing businesses to keep up with changes in branding or marketing materials without being stuck with outdated packaging. Overall, ordering packaging in smaller quantities can be a cost-effective and efficient option for businesses looking to streamline their packaging operations.

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Our standard delivery time is 3-4 weeks including shipping. For comparison, if you produce packaging in a non-digital way, lead time can easily grow to 6-9 weeks. Quicker delivery allows you to react to changes in the market and have a leaner warehouse and production operations.

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Digital printing has completely transformed the printing industry, and packaging printing is no exception. One of the most significant advantages of digital printing for packaging is its superior print quality, which surpasses that of traditional flexography printing and is comparable to the high standards of rotogravure printing. By utilizing advanced printing technology and specialized inks, digital printing produces vibrant, high-resolution images with sharp lines and crisp text, resulting in packaging that is visually stunning and professional-looking. Furthermore, digital printing can print a broad spectrum of colours, including vivid, bright, and metallic colors, making it an ideal choice for product packaging. Additionally, digital printing enables variable data printing, allowing each package to be customized with unique information, such as barcodes or product codes, without any slowdowns in the printing process. Overall, digital printing offers superior print quality for packaging and is increasingly favoured by businesses seeking to elevate their product packaging.

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Lprint is a provider of eco-friendly packaging solutions that are both recyclable and provide the same level of barrier protection as traditional non-recyclable packaging. Lprint uses innovative printing technology to create high-quality packaging that maintains the integrity and freshness of the product, while also being environmentally sustainable. This means that the shelf life of the product remains unaffected, and customers can enjoy their products as usual. Lprint’s packaging is made with recyclable materials that can be recycled, significantly reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. By choosing Lprint’s sustainable pouches, businesses can reduce their environmental impact and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, all while maintaining the same high level of quality and product protection. Overall, Lprint’s recyclable packaging offers an excellent alternative to non-recyclable packaging, without compromising on product quality or shelf life.

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  • User-friendly interface and easy-to-navigate process in our website
  • You can place your orders 24/7 and don‘t need to wait for a reply from your customer representative
  • Customize the size, materials, and add-ons of the pouch in the pouch builder tool
  • Your artwork file will be checked in less than 30s
  • You will preview what your pouch looks like in 3D space. 
  • You can see your pouch in augmented reality and for example, see how it would look on an actual shelf store next to your competitors
  • Talk with us on the live chat or leave us a message to get back to you
  • Receive your pouches in 3-4 weeks

This is our vision of how packaging should be ordered. There is no coming back once you try it.

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We are proud to announce that our pouch production facility has achieved certification from the BRC Food Safety Standard, a globally recognized certification for food safety and quality management systems. This means that our facility meets strict requirements for food safety, hygiene, and quality, ensuring that our customers receive products of the highest standard. By adhering to the BRC Standard, we demonstrate our commitment to providing safe and high-quality packaging solutions for food and beverage products. Our team is dedicated to maintaining these high standards and continuously improving our processes to ensure that our products meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

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Our materials 

All our materials have been created with sustainability in mind. All are recyclable or compostable. Get in touch and we’ll help you choose the best option for you.

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