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Truly sustainable packaging solutions that will take your products to a whole new level. Get a high-end look for the same price as a blank pouch with a label.

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Let’s start with the basics:

Select the type of the pouch;

Select the size of the chosen pouch type.


Modify the pouch for your needs:

Select the material of the pouch;

Select the add-ons that you want to add to your pouch;

Proceed to the next page.


Upload and check your artwork:

Upload the artwork file*;

Wait for the artwork file to be checked and processed. If no errors are found, you can upload another artwork or add it to cart.

*If you don’t have artwork files yet, you can download the template file and our artwork guidelines on how to prepare the file.

It’s a wrap:

Select quantity and check the total price – combine more artworks into the same order for a better price;

Add the products to cart;

Check out;

Wait for your pouches to arrive.

*You can preview the prices even if you don’t have your artwork yet.
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Our products 

We specialize in digitally printed sustainable products. We have developed a range of packaging solutions that are recyclable or compostable and can be used as an alternative to traditional packaging solutions. Furthermore, as we only print digitally, there is no need for minimum ordering quantities, and we can print on demand and ship faster. This also means that you can enjoy greater personalization. Not to mention the fact that because waste is kept at an absolute minimum, our solution is far more sustainable than conventional printing.

If you are looking for a packaging or labeling solution that falls outside our standard range, get in touch with us! We can produce a customized solution for your individual needs.

Get our free sample kit 

Not sure which material has the right feel and look for your needs? Want to check what size fits best? You can order a free sample kit from us that will let you test everything for yourself. Order now for delivery in the next few days.

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What our  customers love about us 

Our aim is to deliver exceptional customer service every time. We know if we do this, our customers will do the talking and we won’t have to.

Jeg er meget glad for at bruge LPrint.
Det giver en fleksibilitet at vi kan få lav volume tryk, således at vi kan teste ting af.
God kommunikation med firmaet og hurtig levering

Casper Odgaard Grønbjerg, Candy Express ApS

This is not the printing experience we are used to. These guys care, they know how, they suggest, they deliver on time and the result is stunning.
Sorry you other printers but we will stay with Lprint forever.

Lena Ryberg-Ericsson, Köpings Musteri AB

The service that this company provides are truly unreal!
They totally understands the customer and delivery is fast as always!
Big thanks to Evelina!

Andreas, Smisken Brewery AB

Best printing company!
I’ve been working with L-print ApS for over 4 years and they are a big part of why my company are growing. The speed of service and the quality is great and im more then happy to work with them!
Should have 6 stars!!
Thank you L

David Fichtel, Uppsala Kafferosteri AB 

Professinal and extremly helpful
We have been working with L-print for our labels for several years now. They have always been professional and helpful with issues we’ve had and with identifying solutions. They are simply fantastic.

Leo Löfgren, Selder & Company AB

About us 

We never compromise on quality, customer service, or sustainability. This is the mindset we bring to everything we do. Not only that, innovation is also deeply embedded in our roots. We were one of the first companies in the Nordics to offer digitally printed packaging in the Nordics, and to develop a comprehensive range of sustainable packaging options. And now we are revolutionizing the ease with which packages can be ordered online. We think outside the pouch!


Looking for recyclable pouches that guarantee your products the same shelf life, visual appeal and price point as conventional pouches. Look no further. With Lprint, you never need to bother with non-recyclable packaging again?


Consult us. We’re here to help 

We understand that you might be new to questions of packaging and sustainability. And it can all get quite confusing quickly. That’s why we are happy to dedicate our time to helping you navigate through it all. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll help you come up with the best result for your business.

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Select the type of the pouch

Stand up pouch
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Select the size of the pouch

Stand up pouch
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Select the size of the pouch

Side gusset pouch
Please note after confirming the type and size cannot be changed in the configurator.

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