Want to tempt your customers with glimpses of your products? Why not incorporate transparent elements. And if you’re really looking to catch their attention, you can use metallic highlights or designs! Check out our full range of customizable add-ons below.

Materials addons 

Our comprehensive range of sustainable pouch materials gives you the aesthetic edge and functionality you need to get your packaging noticed. For added customer convenience choose a reclosable zipper, while rounded corners can give you that eye catching look!


To ensure you get no unwelcome surprises when you receive your printed pouches, we’ve put together a simple guide.


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Interested in reading more about our thoughts on packaging, labeling, environment and more? Feel free to browse through our articles; hopefully, you will find something that piques your interest.

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We understand that packaging and sustainability topic can be new to you. It can also be an endless rabbit hole. That’s why we decided to dedicate our time and talk with you about your packaging situation and find the optimal solution.

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Frequently asked questions 

What needs to be considered for printing/what format must the files be provided in?

There are quite a few considerations and a checklist for your print files. You can find all the information here

Are the graphics individually created? Are templates provided?

You are creating your own artworks, while we provide templates and guidelines on how to do it correctly and quickly. If you need help with the design work, we also have design service that you can use.

Consult us. We’re here to help 

We understand that you might be new to questions of packaging and sustainability. And it can all get quite confusing quickly. That’s why we are happy to dedicate our time to helping you navigate through it all. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll help you come up with the best result for your business.

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Stand up pouch
Side gusset pouch

Select the size of the pouch

Stand up pouch
Please note after confirming the type and size cannot be changed in the configurator.

Select the size of the pouch

Side gusset pouch
Please note after confirming the type and size cannot be changed in the configurator.

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