Digital vs traditional printing 

When it comes to sustainability and small to medium print run, there’s no better option than digital printing. As no print forms are required, you can order as small a quantity as you need, and we can personalize your packaging down to the smallest detail. The only limit is your creativity!

Tiny minimum ordering quantities

We can produce pouches from 500 pcs per design and we have no MOQ for custom packaging or label prints.


Our digital solution allows you to create personalized packaging for events, locations, holidays or special occasions.

Less destroyed packaging

Order packaging on-demand. Order what you need, how much you need, when you need.

Sustainable printing

Digital printing requires less resources for printing than flexo or rotogravure.

Efficient production process 

HP Indigo conducted an LCA study where digitally printed packaging was compared to packaging created by flexo or rotogravure. Using a representative print length of 3000 m2, it was found that the carbon footprint, photochemical ozone creation, energy demand and water depletion needed to print digital packaging was significantly lower.

Sustainable Production Process 

on demand 

Brands are always looking for ways to improve Supply Chain Efficiency while lowering their inventory levels and improving their cash flow.

Source: Unwrapping the packaging opportunity with digital printing Napco, research among 265 Brand Owners.
Source: Mcs Digital printing for packaging, survey among 304 converters, April, 2008, IDC
Source: Mcs Digital printing for packaging, survey among 304 converters, April, 2008, IDC

Get our free sample kit 

Not sure which material has the right feel and look for your needs? Want to check what size fits best? You can order a free sample kit from us that will let you test everything for yourself. Order now for delivery in the next few days.

get free sample kit

Our products 

Our specialty is digitally printed sustainable products. We have developed a range of packaging solutions that are recyclable or compostable and can be used as an alternative to traditional packaging solutions. Furthermore, we print only digitally which not only eliminates minimum ordering quantities, allows personalization and ordering on-demand with fast deliveries, but is also a more sustainable printing option compared to conventional printing methods. If you are looking for a packaging or labelling solution that falls outside our standard range, get in touch with us! We can produce a customized solution for your individual needs.

Frequently asked questions 

How can digital printing be incorporated into the company’s marketing strategy?

Digital printing allows you to customize your packaging. Different artworks can be used for different locations, events, promotions. Additionally, new products and new markets can be tested for responsiveness with quick production times and small ordering quantities.

Why digital printing is more sustainable that other printing methods?

Digital printing has much smaller setup costs and waste. Besides that digital printing consumes significantly less energy and water during the printing process and does not require any hazardous chemical elements in its process.

What are the advantages of digital printing?

Digital printing does not require printing forms, has low setup costs, allows changing the artworks without additional costs.

What is digital printing?

Digital printing is one the most modern printing techniques in flexible packaging market. Printed image is transferred straight from the computer without any printing forms. Printing in this way has minimal setup time and waste and allows for mass customization and very small minimum ordering quantities.

Consult us. We’re here to help 

We understand that you might be new to questions of packaging and sustainability. And it can all get quite confusing quickly. That’s why we are happy to dedicate our time to helping you navigate through it all. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll help you come up with the best result for your business.

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