Sustainably sourcing your tea leaves is a labor of love and your packaging should reflect that. Our digitally printed pouches make it possible for you to tell your story with your packaging and on your packaging, all without compromising on protective barriers, or sustainability.


Choose either recyclable or industrially compostable packaging.

Digital print

Order what you need, when you need it, and customize your designs for every taste and/or occasion.

Food safe

All our packaging components are certified for food safety.

Rigid packaging 

Rigid packaging containers such as composite carton boxes, glass jars or bottles, aluminum cans or rigid plastic containers are in decline as packaging alternatives. This is because they require considerable resources to produce and leave a larger carbon footprint. Not only that, such packaging options also require additional labeling.

Flexible packaging 

Flexible packaging is lightweight, making it easy to transport and store. But that’s not all, its unique structure means that artworks can be printed directly onto it, and product contents can be visible. This lends it greater shelf appeal and helps drive customer trust at the point of sale.


Our products 

We specialize in digitally printed sustainable products. We have developed a range of packaging solutions that are recyclable or compostable and can be used as an alternative to traditional packaging solutions. Furthermore, as we only print digitally, there is no need for minimum ordering quantities, and we can print on demand and ship faster. This also means that you can enjoy greater personalization. Not to mention the fact that because waste is kept at an absolute minimum, our solution is far more sustainable than conventional printing.

If you are looking for a packaging or labeling solution that falls outside our standard range, get in touch with us! We can produce a customized solution for your individual needs.


Looking for recyclable pouches that guarantee your products the same shelf life, visual appeal and price point as conventional pouches. Look no further. With Lprint, you never need to bother with non-recyclable packaging again!


Get our free sample kit 

Not sure which material has the right feel and look for your needs? Want to check what size fits best? You can order a free sample kit from us that will let you test everything for yourself. Order now for delivery in the next few days.

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Frequently asked questions 

Are Lprint’s pouches food safe?

Yes. All our pouches can be used in contact with food products.

What add-ons can I choose for my pouch?

For stand up pouches, we can add zip locks, tear notches, rounded corners, eurohole and degassing valves.

For side gusset bags, we can add tear notches, rounded corners and degassing valves.

What packaging formats do you offer?

Within our standard range we offer stand up pouches (doypacks) and side gusset bags. As custom packaging we can also manufacture sachets or 3 side seal bags and flexible packaging in reels. Different materials and sizes are available for doypacks and side gusset bags too.

What are the barrier properties of Lprint pouches?

Datasheets are available upon request for each structure.

What is the shelf life of my product in Lprint pouches?

It is impossible for us to determine the shelf life of your product as each product is different and reacts to oxygen, water vapour and UV light differently. We can provide you with barrier information for each material structure, but only food specialists can calculate the shelf life with this information.

Having that in mind and from our experience, a rule of thumb for most applications are 12-24 months for recyclable plastic pouches and 6-12 months for recyclable paper and compostable packaging.

How to choose the right material for your product?

Different products require different protection levels from the environment. Most common measures of the packaging barrier are oxygen transmission rate (OTR) and water vapour transmission rate (WVTR). Instead of creating an exhaustive list of possible barrier combinations, we have created a universal plastic structure suitable for the vast majority of applications. It might be an overkill for some applications, but it won’t do any harm for your product either.

Also, it is important to note that plastic free recyclable paper pouches and compostable pouches have significantly lower protection from environment and thus not suitable for all products. Moreover, wet products cannot be packed inside paper and compostable pouches.
If you are uncertain which pouch is suitable for your product, get in touch with us and our specialists will help you choose the best option.

What is custom packaging?

Everything that falls outside of our standard pouch range is considered custom packaging in our standards. If you are looking for different sizes, materials or quantities, get in touch with us at [email protected] and we can talk more about it.

Why is flexible packaging better than rigid packaging?

Flexible packaging is lightweight in nature and uses significantly less materials for production. Furthermore, it has much higher product-to-packaging ratio, meaning it’s transportation and warehousing costs will be lower too.

Consult us. We’re here to help 

We understand that you might be new to questions of packaging and sustainability. And it can all get quite confusing quickly. That’s why we are happy to dedicate our time to helping you navigate through it all. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll help you come up with the best result for your business.

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