Adhesive labels 

We have 25 years’ expertise and know-how in label production. When it comes to producing labels, no task is too complicated for us, and ensuring the highest quality is our top priority. Tell us your requirements or expectations and we will provide a solution that makes your product stand out.

Quick production

Your order will be delivered in 3-4 weeks.

Innovative finishes

For even more eye catching results, we offer digital screen varnish and foiling.

Modern equipment

Our HP Indigo digital printer ensures that what you get in real life matches your original on screen vision.

Small print runs and customization

Our up to date equipment give you flexibility when it comes to ordering quantities and/or the number of designs you want for every order

Markets that we serve 

Adhesive labels are used across a wide range of industries, including food, beverages, cosmetics, sweets, spices, furniture, etc. Different markets have different requirements (like wash-off glue or recycled material), but you can be sure that our experience combined with our modern technology will provide you with the best solution possible.

Customize your label  

Explore various ways how your label can made unique and stand out from the competition.

Years of experience and know-how 

With over 25 years’ experience in label production and state of art printing equipment, no label project is too complex for us. Our experts will help you choose the right materials, adhesive and finishing techniques for whatever target you are aiming at, whether that’s optimum labeling performance, visual impact or cost effectiveness. With our advice and know-how, we’ll help you attack problems head on and prevent future issues.

Online ordering system 

We have created an online portal for our label customers. Here you can enjoy the convenience of creating and reviewing your products, adding new and tracking existing orders 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Managing your orders has never been easier!

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Looking for recyclable pouches that guarantee your products the same shelf life, visual appeal and price point as conventional pouches. Look no further. With Lprint, you never need to bother with non-recyclable packaging again!


Get our free sample kit 

Not sure which material has the right feel and look for your needs? Want to check what size fits best? You can order a free sample kit from us that will let you test everything for yourself. Order now for delivery in the next few days.

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Frequently asked questions 

Will Lprint’s compostable packaging decompose in my back yard?

No, our compostable packaging is only compostable in industrial conditions. This means that in order to start the decomposing process, certain environmental requirements for temperature, humidity and mycobacterial presence are required.

Can compostable packaging be recycled?

No, compostable packaging is not recyclable. It should be disposed off together with organic waste and this waste goes to composting facilities or biogas generation plants. Different countries and even different municipalities can have different guidelines for organic waste and composting. It is important to check these before introducing compostable packaging into the market. Your good intentions might not yield good results.

Are paper pouches the most sustainable packaging option?

Not necessarily. Paper pouches have a well defined way of disposal in most consumers’ minds, they are bio based and easily recyclable. However, their barrier properties are slightly lower than plastic barriers, zippers cannot be used for reclosability and structural strength of such pouches are not great. This means that paper is not ideal for heavy products, large bags or for products that require very high barrier properties.

Can plastic pouches be environmentally friendly?

Yes it can. If more than 90% of the pouch is produced from the same polymer, then such pouch is considered highly recyclable. Our recyclable pouches meet this requirement. Second consideration is the source of the plastic. Currently we are using virgin plastic, but we are working towards incorporating plastic which is manufactured from recycled waste. This would make the pouch even more environmentally friendly and it would be a big move towards circular economy.

Is flexible packaging recyclable?

Most of the flexible packaging in the market is not recyclable because different types of plastics are laminated together and used for packaging. However, recyclable alternatives do exist and we have decided to leave only recyclable or compostable packaging in Lprint’s portfolio.

Consult us. We’re here to help 

We understand that you might be new to questions of packaging and sustainability. And it can all get quite confusing quickly. That’s why we are happy to dedicate our time to helping you navigate through it all. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll help you come up with the best result for your business.

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